Twisted Bacon has become a huge hit for good reason. Why? Because it tastes great. Since you make twisted bacon in the oven, no messy grease is splattered all over your stovetop!

A TwistyWiz is a must-have for everyone who wants to make twisted bacon, and it comes in two models. The TwistyWiz Essential is the faster, easier way to whip up a small batch of tasty twisted bacon. The TwistyWiz Deluxe is a super-easy way to get your perfectly twisted bacon in the oven in minutes! Plus, with our exclusive Gilberto’s Everything Bacon Seasoning and a TwistyWiz, you get incredibly juicy and flavorful bacon much faster and easier than twisting your seasoned bacon by hand.

TwistyWiz Twisted Bacon with Gilberto’s Everything Bacon Seasoning. It’s amazing!

Experienced cooks and taste-testers overwhelmingly agree that making twisted bacon in the oven is their favored method for cooking bacon. It delivers a perfect balance of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! A TikTok video went viral with this latest trend because everyone loves how delicious and juicy it is! Once your bacon is twisted, you’ll never want it the old flat way again.

TwistyWiz Twisted Bacon will have you thanking the internet for inspiring these brand-new gadgets to simplify your new favorite way to make bacon! Supplies are limited, so Order Yours Now! — WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Serve twisted bacon at breakfast with your family, garnish your Bloody Mary, add some bite to your BLT, or just as a stand-alone snack! Regardless of how you serve it or when, you’ll look forward to every taste of savory and delicious twisted bacon!

Why You’ll Love The TwistyWiz Deluxe

It’s Easier To Make! You can get your Twisted Bacon in the oven fast! Who knew this new way of making bacon could be such a fantastic improvement on an already yummy treat?! Just press a button to twist! Even those with finger dexterity can use the TwistyWiz Deluxe.

The TwistyWiz Deluxe is the fastest, easiest way to make twisted bacon in the oven.

Why Twist It? Twisting the bacon forms a nice tunnel that seals in some of the bacon grease and any seasonings you might want to add. The tunnel creates a fantastic, super juicy bacon bite that is crispy on the outside and tender inside!

Your Hands Are Free to Prepare Other Things! When you think of frying bacon, you probably think of making a few slices at a time, standing over it, flipping it, moving it, taking it off, and then putting more on to cook. With the TwistyWiz, the hands-on parts are twisting it before you slide it into the oven and again when you turn it after about 25 minutes! It gives you plenty of time to whip up some other accompaniments.

Make More Bacon In Less Time! A whole package of bacon fits in a single half-size baking pan when it’s twisted. A frying pan only holds a few slices.

Super Easy Cleanup! Since you didn’t cook the bacon in the frying pan, you can skip all of the grease splatter and messy cleanup! Roll up the parchment paper after it’s cooled and discard it.

Look How Easy It Is To Make Twisted Bacon In The Oven!

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