TwistyWiz Instructions

How to use a TwistyWiz to Make Twisted Bacon in the Oven the Fast, Easy Way

1. Easy: TwistyWiz Essential
TwistyWiz Essential

It’s as easy as 1-2-3, but first, you need a TwistyWiz! In addition to your TwistyWiz, you’ll need a package of your favorite bacon, a rimmed oven pan, and some parchment paper. A flat rack if you have one. Some paper towels. We also recommend using disposable nitrile gloves.

Whether right-handed or left-handed, slide the Wiz ring on the index finger of your predominant hand.

  1. Pinch the end of one slice of bacon in the TwistyWiz.
  2. Hold the other end of the bacon with your free hand.
  3. Rotate your wrist, allowing the ring to spin on your finger.

After your very first slice, you’ll be a pro! We’ll be posting a “How-to” video soon!

2. Easiest: TwistyWiz Deluxe

Twisting Bacon with the TwistyWiz Deluxe is fun and oddly satisfying! Check out our video.

  1. Preheat your oven to 370°F, then lower the temp to 360°F when you insert the pan. Various recipes you see around say anywhere from 350°-400°F. We like to start at 360°F with twisted bacon, but it depends on the cut of your bacon and whether or not it contains sugar. 370°F is bacon’s smoke point, and setting the temperature higher than this will cause the ends to burn (especially when it contains sugar).
  2. Line a rimmed baking pan with parchment paper. You can fit an entire package of bacon in a typical 1/2-size baking pan.
  3. Twist up a slice of bacon with your TwistyWiz and place it on the parchment. Repeat touching the last because nestling your twists together helps keep the shape.
  4. Lay a light, flat rack on the twists to keep them from unraveling.
  5. Pop the pan into the oven and bake for 20 minutes. Turn and separate the twists and bake for another 20 minutes or until crispy. The cooking time for thick-sliced twisted bacon in the oven is about an hour.
  6. Enjoy. That’s it! Use tongs to remove your twists from the pan and place them onto a paper towel to absorb excess grease.

Tips for Success

Regular-cut bacon twists up better than thick bacon. Quality center-cut bacon is perfect because there is usually a little less fat. Some fat is good; that’s where juiciness comes from! Thick bacon is difficult to twist and tends to unravel.

Thinner sliced bacon cooks up faster than thick-sliced bacon, even when it’s twisted, so keep a close eye on it. Check 10-15 minutes after flipping. Thick gourmet-type bacon can take up to an hour in the oven.

Using parchment paper in your pan is better than foil. If that’s all you have, you can use foil, but the cooking time may be affected, and results vary. Parchment paper provides the best results and makes for easy clean-up. If you choose, you can wrap your pan with foil but use parchment paper also.

Use a rimmed baking sheet pan (with sides at least 1” tall) because it’s a critical safety issue to contain the bacon fat. This is the best type of pan to use, and it’s linked, so you can buy the pan from Amazon.

If you position your twists snugly together, it will prevent them from unrolling. We like to lay a flat rack on top of the twists. This keeps your twists well-formed and prevents them from unraveling. A simple Multi-use Oven Rack placed upside-down works great. You can buy the rack from Amazon.

Remove your twists and place them on a paper towel to blot up any excess grease.

Let the bacon fat cool on the parchment paper, and then discard. Do not pour bacon fat down the drain.